Church Leadership Assessment

Each year in the USA:
*Over 5,000 churches will close
*50% of churches didn’t add a single new member
*3500 people leave the church daily
*70% - 74% of churches have plateaued or are in decline
*10% - 15% of churches are at risk of closing


Growth Mission is here to help you succeed in becoming a growing life giving church. Our focus is to help you develop healthy leaders and mature congregations.

We the begin journey to health and growth by obtaining good information. We first start by determining where we are so we can effectively plot a new direction for the church. We use various assessment data to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the church and leaders to develop new opportunities to advance your ministry.

Church Leadership Assessment - $300.00
This assessment is done by the pastor or senior church leader. It evaluates the challenges, struggles, and stressors of the church leader. We use this assessment, along with coaching calls to determine the problem areas that inhibit effective church leadership. We provide recommendations designed to realign the leadership to move forward with a united vision.

The Leadership Assessment includes:

Personality profiles
Spiritual gifts inventory
Personal health assessment
Marriage and family health evaluation

*For an additional fee we can also provide:
360 degree Leadership Assessment - Additional church team members participate in the appraisal of a senior church leader. This is extremely helpful uncovering blind spots which inhibit healthy development and growth.
Team Leadership Assessment - Designated team member participate in a personal leadership assessment. We then use these assessments to evaluate the challenges inhibiting the team and help create solutions for healthy realignment.

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