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Pastor Bill Hybels of Willow Creek Church once gave a memorable talk. In it he stated that “leadership is helping to move people from HERE to THERE”. This is a pretty simple and yet a profound thought, and sums up the work of a leader in an easily understandable concept. I believe good consultants have a similar task.

At Growth Mission our calling is to serve pastors and nonprofit organizational leaders, in fulfilling their God given vision by helping to move their ministry from HERE to THERE. Good consultants should be able to support leaders with strategies and practical solutions designed to overcome the challenges they face with confidence in order to achieve their mission.

Effective consultants assist organizations in reaching their God inspired goals and visions.

Consulting is important:
1. When there is need to cast new vision or refresh the organizational focus.
2. When you are in a time of change or leadership transition.
3. When your organization has plateaued or is in decline.
4. When things are doing well but you know you can do better.
5. When there is disunity and division among the leadership team or board.
6. When there is a need to add new donors or expand your financial development strategy.

Why work with a consultant?
1. In the lifespan of any church, ministry, or organization there are cycles, times of change, and transition. There are times when everyone is excited, enthused and moving forward. But as most organizations continue their development process there will be times when we begin to plateau or even decline. It is essential at these times to re-envision the organization for growth. This is a great season for strategic planning and developing a fresh action plan to get back on track.

2. Consultants can be catalysts for team unity and creativity. A qualified facilitator can help with the planning process and can be invaluable in drawing out wisdom from a group. By asking probing questions, controlling the loudest voices, encouraging quieter personalities and adding expert opinions, teams can achieve more and better results quickly.

3. During times of leadership transition it is very important to have competent counselors and seasoned veterans to walk through the transition with you. Even in uncertain times organizations can continue to flourish with proper support. Walking through conflict and disunity without it, can be a lonely place for a leader,

4. The value of an objective outside influence to conduct leadership and organizational assessments, diagnose problems and make recommendations can't be underestimated. Eventually every organization will experience a time where they need solutions to problems and support, to refocus their vision.

5. Outcome based strategic planning, or planning with the end in mind, helps us understand and communicate the value and impact of our ministry. It is foundational for growth, as well as effective fundraising. By starting with an outcome based perspective, we can develop strategic objectives and action steps to see the vision come to pass. We become more effective as a ministry because everyone is pulling in the same direction.

6. Consultants should help you manage your vision. Many organization need support with structure and systems that keep the most important aspects of ministry moving forward. It is important to have procedures in place that keep your team motivated and accountable, understanding their assignments but not overwhelmed with reports. Good systems help you to implement your strategic plan and walk it out over a period of years with everyone finding their proper place and passion.

Growth Mission Collaborative Consulting: We work as a team to provide a diverse prospective related to problem solving and practical solutions, with a plan to advance your ministry. The Growth Mission team is made up of experts with years of experience serving churches and nonprofit organizations in various aspects of growth. We bring in those who are best suited to work on you specific ministry needs.

Our goal at Growth Mission is to provide high value and a high return on your investment through collaborative consulting, assessment, planning and results.

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  • Coached Nesconset Christian Church and their senior pastor through a strategic planning process. Created a church business plan to guide the management of the church. Did a complete church and leadership assessment to evaluate obstacles to growth. We did a community assessment and demographic study to help develop new church programs designed to build better bridges to the community. Developed strategic objectives, goals, outcomes and assignments for the team. Provided Executive Coaching for the senior pastor to manage the various changes throughout the planning and growth process.

  • Coached the Central US Director of Southern Baptist North American Mission Board for 3 months during his transition from President of an organization into his current leadership position with Southern Baptist North American Mission Board.

  • Coached president of Eden Counseling for 2 years, developing a new strategic plan, leadership team development, fundraising strategy and executive coaching for their president.

  • Coached House of Hope for 2 years, developing a new strategic plan, fundraising strategy and leadership team development. Provided executive coaching for their president to develop more effective leadership and time management principles. Developed a comprehensive fundraising plan that included donor development, grants and events.

  • Coached Grace Bible Church and their senior pastor for 1 year through a leadership transition. Provided bi-weekly coaching for the senior pastor as he transitioned to a new church in Ohio. Our collaborative consulting team worked with the existing church leadership team to provide healthy team development.

  • Coached Regeneration Church and their leadership team through strategic planning process. Developing a focus on becoming more relevant to the community. We did a complete church assessment and a full demographic study of the community to establish fresh outreach programs.